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What Is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding (also known as hydromulching) is a process that uses a mixture of seed, wood mulch, fertilizer, and water (called slurry) to apply to the desired area. This is prepared in a hydroseeder and is sprayed onto the prepared bare soil. This process maximizes the germination and growth rate. HydroWorks will spray any seed the customer desires on any grade of land, flat to steep. We can stock different grades of hydro-mulch for the steepest ditch banks or simple flat ground. HydroWorks offers the ultimate solution to seed your lawn, business or farm, with the best erosion control products on the market.


Some specialty mulches we like to use:

Flexterra Mulch - is proven to be one of the best mulch products. That’s because of its immediate effect when applied and extreme erosion control. Flexterra Mulch provides long-term protection. It’s cost-effective and requires less preparation. It promotes faster vegetation establishment and is completely environmentally friendly.


Proganics Biotic Soil Media - is a topsoil replacement that contains naturally derived biodegradable fibers, biostimulants, biological inoculants, soil building components and other amendments that we spray to save money and time for the client. Proganics Biotic Soil increases sustainable vegetation establishment and promotes faster seed germination.


Benefits of Hydroseeding

There are many benefits of hydroseeding. It’s one of the most economical options. It’s much more effective than traditional broadcasting and 75% cheaper than sod. It’s also less time-consuming. One of the most important benefits of hydroseeding is that it helps with erosion control. This process proves to be a faster method for germination and makes the soil resistant to external problems. Hydroseeding is a non-toxic process.

Drill Seeding


What is Drill Seeding?

Drill seeding is a seeding method that uses specialized machinery to create proper and precise openings in the surface of the soil. Then plants the seeds directly into the openings and covers them with the soil. This cuts the cost of having to have expensive soil preparation. This seeding method is more accurate and has more coverage and is the only method that actually places the seeds into the ground.


Our custom drill seeding equipment is capable of performing ‘no-till’ seeding where seeds are drilled directly into the soil at the ideal depth without expensive soil preparation. The drill mechanically opens a furrow, places seeds into the soil at a specified depth, then covers specified seed or multiple species mixes in one pass.


Benefits of Drill Seeding

There are many benefits of drill seeding, some of them are:

  • Reduces the seeding rate

  • Helps with erosion control

  • Increase consistency and evenness, especially across large areas

  • Significantly increase germination rates

Broadcast Seeding

Broadcast seeding (also called broadcast sowing) is a traditional seeding method. The seeds are dispersed mechanically (or by hand) over a large area, usually for lawn or cover crops. This method is better than traditional row sowing because it takes less time and is simpler. 


Here at HydroWorks, we make sure to increase germination and success rate with broadcast seeding by lightly burying the seeds after they are scattered. The benefit of this method is it covers more in less time. 


Extreme Erosion Control

Hydroworks can handle any and all erosion problems. From simple problems to tough ones, there’s nothing our equipment can’t reach. Even large steep slopes that most equipment can’t reach, contact us.  We’re your #1 Erosion Control Company to call in the North Carolina area.

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