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Revegetation Services


Revegetation is the process of restoring or rebuilding soil from eroded or disrupted land. This includes replanting trees or shrubs, planting groundcovers or other plants. Flooding, land construction and other land disruption are just some of the causes for revegetation. This process can help enhance and restore the land. Some of the benefits of revegetation are:

  • Helps prevent soil erosion

  • Enhances the capability to soak up more water 

  • Improves property value

  • Helps the ecosystem by replanting vegetation that wouldn’t happen naturally

Grading and Site Preparation


Site preparation is an important first step in seeding. It’s important to make sure you have a good foundation in order to seed. Some prep work that is necessary before seeding is land clearing. This means to remove any and all vegetation, trees, rocks, and debris that will get in the way of seeding. Then, the land will need grading. Grading is working with the soil to level the land or slope. 

When it comes to site preparation, you don’t want to do this yourself. Let your North Carolina experts handle it. This is an important step in having a good, long-lasting foundation in order to seed. We can guarantee high-quality work. Contact us today.

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